Eenling, officially supported and promoted by Cradle Of Filth and Dani Filth:

On sunday the 23rd of July 2023 the debut single I Am Here by Eenling (who was webmaster and promotor of Cradle Of Filth from 1999 to 2023) has been released. The track tells the story of the solitary individual Eenling (Dutch for 'Loner'), who has suffered from traumas since his childhood. The artwork shows two pictures merged as one, on the left Eenling as adult and on the right a picture from the 80's when the traumas took place. The track can be found on all music streaming services and social media. Follow the official website:, Facebook, Instagram, Threads, TikTok and X: @eenlingmusic. The concept of Eenling consists of a changing line-up. On I Am Here, you can hear:

Abdelhakim 'Eenling' Boutachkourt
Frontman, vocals, only core member

W.F.M. Snoek
Instruments, lyrics, production, mixing

E.M.F. Snoek - Van Zanten
Instruments, lyrics, production, mixing

D. Hisgen (Teitan, Cthuluminati)
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